My crystal healing session with Gianina was incredible! Before our session I was feeling very IMG_0179_editedstuck in my business. I knew there was something internal going on that was holding me back. The problem was, I couldn’t figure out what it was. All I knew is that I was frustrated with my inability to move forward. 

During our initial meeting Gianina used her intuitive coaching abilities to ask the deep questions that brought the real issue to the surface. It was from there that she probed even deeper in order to help me develop the intention I wanted for my Healing Talisman. 

The crystal healing jewelry she created for me is beautiful. I can feel the energy coming from the crystals.IMG_0176_edited Gianina taught me how to work with my talisman, care for it, and I now wear it every day.

Since I started wearing it, I’ve felt more calm, loving, and more open to opportunities that the Universe presents.  Things have improved dramatically in both my business, and personal life since I’ve been working with the healing talisman. I can’t thank Gianina enough for helping me realize what I needed at a soul level in order to heal. 

  Kelly Earl, London, Ontario 


 lynn_edited  “In the beginning, the creator of my talisman, Gianina  & I, focused on the intentions that I had. This shared discussion, accompanied with a questionnaire, assisted me in actually clarifying what I wanted.

Previously, I had a rather blurred concept of my intentions, but the time spent with Gianina helped me to clarify it.  I would like to be able to say that the path of my focus has been straight  & easy. Unfortunately,  this    has not always been true. However, with the assistance of my talisman & its  energy, I have always been able to come back to my focus. This has led to new discoveries & ways of opening up my vision. As I mentioned, many of these new insights have been unexpected & delightful.

 My journey continues.
I am grateful to always have my talisman by my side.
Since I have been2014-09-11 045_edited working with my beautiful talisman, I have experienced several things. First of all, and most importantly for me, my meditation practice has changed dramatically. I have experienced a new sense of groundedness and surefooted as I requested. This has provided a foundation for other changes.

From this grounded foundation, I have been able to relax into a new way of being.
I am able to allow more joy into my life. I am better able to accept myself & others where we are. This is very comforting & has contributed to an increase in energy which I also requested.
 I am aware of more relaxation & clarity of mind. This is part of my request also.
From here, as I continue to work with my talisman, I expect to experience increased health & energy.     

   I will continue my talisman work & am very grateful for its energy & assistance as well as that of its creator Gianina Lamont. As I continue to work with my talisman, the changes in my life continue to surprise & delight me.”                   

Lynn Clements, London, Ontario


   “I love the beautiful talisman that Gianina designed and created for me.    I was impressed 2014-07-26 062_editedwith her ability to make me aware of my deepest inner feelings, which helped me a lot to identify and prioritize my intentions.    With her unique way of intuitively knowing what crystal I needed in healing, she picked out the perfect crystals for my pendant, which is not only magical, helpful, but beautiful too.    As soon as I started wearing the talisman I could feel the soothing power of the stones. I felt at peace, content and more confident. When faced with a negative situation in my life I was able to express my feelings in a nice, calm manner that made me feel better with myself.    I can express even my positive feelings easier.    I am more optimistic: I started to see “the glass half full instead of half empty”. Overall, it changed a lot how my mind and body reacts to the circumstances in my life and I am grateful. 

   Thank you Gianina. It is the healing properties of the crystals, the intention and prayers that Gianina puts into each piece she creates that makes them magical and I hope that you all can experience this magic.“

Angela V., London Ontario                                                                                                  


  “Last year I was introduced to Gianina a crystal healer. I had the opportunity to have a crystal healing jewellery constructed specifically for me to help in my journey to wellness. The 2014-09-05 006_editedmeeting we had was full of questions to help me to choose the intention I really wish and need at this time. The following week the talisman with my intention was ready for me.   When I first put it on I felt heat coming from it and I still do on occasions. I have worn it every day – all day since and when I am feeling Weak in my resolve I hold it and ask for strength. Some days, were harder than others. Striving for change requires some work and dedication. All in all this has been a positive and successful process, starting with Gianina’s positive attitude and continue support and I would highly recommend her as a crystal healer as she is knowledgeable, dedicated, sensitive and a very positive force in my journey.”

 Marianne P., London, Ontario


   “I came to Gianina for the purposes of creating a healing jewellery. She patiently took me bratara 2014-08-28 013_editedthrough a process to specifically determine what I wanted to focus on the most. It was explained to me that the more specific the intention the more effective the results.  We worked on this together until I had phrased an intension that captured what I needed.  In this exercise came other key words that helped me to visualize what I wished to manifest in my life. Gianina then set out to create my medallion based on the results of our session using crystals that were individually chosen for my healing. I must say it is a beautiful piece that I wear every day.  I hold it when I feel the need for strength in my resolve for change and healing. It has been a useful process and journey because I have noted a real shift where my healing intention was focused and I continue to work towards real change by repeating my intention and wearing my medallion.  Gianina has been there to answer questions and check on my progress.  I have recommended her work to other people that I know and they have also expressed to me that they found it fascinating and helpful to have her make them a healing jewellery.” 

Beverly P., London, Ontario


   “I came to Gianina to help me to control my emotions. I am very emotional and, sometimes, the emotions become very negative and I can not control them. My desire was to have a cross and Gianina created it with crystals and silver and I love it immediately.  2014-09-04 011_edited

When I had my Healing Talisman in my hand, I felt a pulse exactly as a heart and a joy in all my body. Also, I was very calm. I was free and it was like my heart did not have so much weight on it. If my emotions are out of control, I take my talisman and I concentrate on it like Gianina taught me. I gain calmness and I feel stronger. Now, in the night, I’m holding my Crystal Talisman, and have a deeper sleep. Each time I have a problem with my emotions, I take my Healing Talisman and I ask it to help me. I love my beautiful Talisman for the peace, positivity and joy that brings to me. 

   Working with my Healing Talisman really helps me to control my emotions and to be happier and stronger than before.

   I want to thank you, Gianina, for being beside me when I needed help, healing and encouragement. “

  Ana Vladescu, London, Ontario


5“My problem was a lack of confidence. I knew I had the ability to do my job, but situations always arose when my confidence failed and I did not go forward as I knew I could. Through my discussion with Gianina, she helped me to clarify what I really wanted and needed the most. A wonderful piece was created for me, and she invested it with a strong intention of confidence and self-worth. When I saw it, I felt an immediate attraction. I wore my talisman every day to work. When situations arose or when I needed extra reinforcement, I would take the talisman in my hand and feel its power. Now, after I worked with my talisman for about a year, my job has advanced, my opportunities have increased, my confidence is high, and I believe it is through the work of Gianina. Through regular check-ins with her, she made sure I was staying on course, believing in myself and in my special crystal healing talisman.  It worked so well, I came back for a talisman to help with my long-term issues.


                                                               Thank you Gianina for helping me to succeed!

            Ronald L., London, Ontario




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Disclaimer:    The description and use of the crystals and minerals is based on Gianina’s experience and knowledge. However, Gianina and Gianina Crystal Journey cannot be held responsible for how the products and services are used or for what results can be expected, as this is determined by each individual’s work . None of the services offered are intended to replace the advice and treatments of a medical professional. Since each crystal or mineral is unique, there cannot be created identical Talismans or Grids.



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