Springs continues… April…

First, I think is a good idea to remember where our focus has to be this Spring. Maintaining our focus on the following, we will be capable to be on a correct path in the beginning of this 9 years cycle, which starts in 2017.

The Energy of Spring is 3 which means:

  • Starting new projects, new beginnings, and innovative growth

  • Planting new seeds for the future growth of our life

  • New ideas that will develop in the months to come.

  • Taking care of our health, our physical and, especially, the emotional state.

  • Detoxification (I will talk about this in another post)

  • Re-energizing (I will talk about this in another post)

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Let’s use the energy of the Spring!



Spring is here… Even if, here where I am, we still have a little snow, the Earth re-awakens and all the nature starts to come to life… Small spots of colour are about to raise their arms to hug the Sun…
Nature tells us that is time to prepare for the beginning of the New Cycle of life on the Time’s Spiral… We have to take advantage of the essence of what this renewal brings to us.

                                    Nothing complicated!

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Ways to Release Stress and to gain Relaxation 1


          Looking back to  my Journey of Self-Discovery,  I realize that the best way to start is :
  to Release Stress and to learn how to find Relaxation.
To Relax presumes to free our mental, emotional and physical body of the accumulated Tension. Being Relaxed, gives us the possibility to open and to become Aware of what is happening inside of us.


release stress, relaxation, self-discovery, healing
                                    I am so stressed, so overwhelmed….

Easy to say: Release the stress more difficult to do it. Our modern time is defined by Stress generated by:  demands, pressure, challenges, emotional response to events, exhaustion…

Even when we are very happy, our body is Tensed. No matter if it is positive or negative, the Tension supercharges our body. The same Stress triggers can be activated in both cases.

Everybody knows that 80% of our Health issues are generated by our high level of Stress.  Our fast-paced lifestyle does not give us a second to really Relax.

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The Journey of Self-Discovery, Self-Awareness and Self-Healing

      The Journey of Self-Discovery, Self-Awareness
and Self-Healing


Self-discovery, healing, self-awareness

I believe that Self-discovery is one of the most important thing we have to learn in our life time.


Knowing ourselves gives us the self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and the strength to face any event or challenge that will appear on our path.  We will understand the causes of what is happening and we will work on accepting the reality. Also, we will be aware of the needed changes and of the lessons we chose to learn.
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