Etched Quartz


Etched Crystal, Crystal, Crystal Healing, Spiritual,
                 Etched Quartz

     When I saw this crystal, I knew that I had to have this ancient beauty…

What can I say about it?

This Etched Crystal has power, mystery – as if it hides centuries of knowledge and wisdom. But to access them, you have to deserve it…
Each etching on the crystal felt like a page of a big old book… Unfortunately, the pages were white for me… only shivers on my back, from time to time. My subconscious mind was having fun…
I was lucky that my Intuition was giving me some wisdom hints. Sometimes, I felt that I understood something, but the word “Calm”… came into my mind .. than” Listen” and “See”….

I have to learn to listen more and to see through the veils of appearance… All my life I tried to do so, but it seems I have to dig deeper… Wish me luck!
As you can see in the picture, my Beauty, has a clear triangle on one of the facets, towards the apex. It is an odd double triangle. One looks like a frame, which is filled with another triangle. In between is a deep cleft that separates them. They are looking like a double door, behind which the Past is preserved, from ancient time. Civilizations are waiting to be remembered, and to share their marvels that Time and Space erased from our memory. Still, there is the possibility to access it..only if we find the “Key”.


Etched Crystal, Crystal, Crystal Healing, Spiritual,
                         Etched Crystal

Very often, I feel like having it beside me, in my Crystal Healing sessions. When it is there, I observe that something new is revealed to me… a new way of seeing or feeling energy, my crystals, my client … and even myself…


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