Ways to Release Stress and to gain Relaxation 1


          Looking back to  my Journey of Self-Discovery,  I realize that the best way to start is :
  to Release Stress and to learn how to find Relaxation.
To Relax presumes to free our mental, emotional and physical body of the accumulated Tension. Being Relaxed, gives us the possibility to open and to become Aware of what is happening inside of us.


release stress, relaxation, self-discovery, healing
                                    I am so stressed, so overwhelmed….

Easy to say: Release the stress more difficult to do it. Our modern time is defined by Stress generated by:  demands, pressure, challenges, emotional response to events, exhaustion…

Even when we are very happy, our body is Tensed. No matter if it is positive or negative, the Tension supercharges our body. The same Stress triggers can be activated in both cases.

Everybody knows that 80% of our Health issues are generated by our high level of Stress.  Our fast-paced lifestyle does not give us a second to really Relax.

release stress, relaxation, self-discovery, healing
                                              Calm and peacefulness

 Sometimes, we are not conscious of the Tension we carry in our body. We are so used with our Tensed state, that we do not observe it. When someone tells us:

          Oh, you are so tense…

We deny it, not paying attention to what is happening in our body. We are so used with this Tension, that we do not feel it anymore. Being Tensed  became our normal state.


release stress, relaxation, self-discovery, healing

Do not forget, the Tension created by Stress  affects us on all levels:  Mental, Emotional and Physical.  

All the Mental and Emotional Stress is manifesting on the Physical level. A prolonged, unresolved tension on these levels, will create Energetic Blockages. Depletion of Energy affects our behaviour, performance and, in the end, our Health.


Think that you  keep a machine plugged in forever.  No unplugging. The same is with us. If we are continuously  tensed, without any release, our blood is rushing, our pulse is elevated, blood pressure is high, our breath rhythm is very quick and our heart is exploding . 

      How long do you think that we can handle all of this?

I am sure we will agree that our body wants to stop the madness as soon as possible.  If we do not, this will lead, in time, to health issues.


Awareness is the first instrument used on the Journey of Self-Discovery.


Before thinking to Stress Realese we have to become Aware of it.

One of the modalities of reaching Awareness of the state of our body is the following exercise:

I.   Awareness Exercise

 This exercise helps us to become conscious of the Tensions in our body. In this way, we will be able to release the Stress and to be Aware of every change in our state of being!

 We can do this exercise walking, sitting or  laying.

The only thing we have to do is to Tense and then to Relax each part of our body.

Even if we are working only on the head, what is important, is to become Aware of how we feel when the muscles are tense and when they are relaxed.

Knowing exactly where the Tension is accumulated and how it feels, we will be able to release it.

Being in a Relaxed State, we can Observe and Control our reactions  to different situations and/or people. Also, we will preserve the balance of energy  and our  Health.

 1. Tense the forehead counting to 5. Hold your breath. Relax the forehead.

a.  Observe how your body is feeling when is Tensed. the difference between Tension and Relaxation.
b.  Observe how is feeling the Tension on your forehead. Become conscious about all the sensations from the forehead and from all your body.

Apply the same kind of observation as above to all the steps of the exercise.

2. Tense the eyes counting to 5. Hold your breath. Relax the eyes. 

 3.Tense the cheeks counting to 5. Hold your breath counting to 5.   Relax the cheeks.

 4. Tense the mouth counting to 5. Hold your breath. Relax the mouth.

 5. Tense the chin counting to 5. Hold your breath. Relax the chin.

 6. Tense the neck. Hold your breath counting to 5. Relax the neck. 

Continue in the same way with: shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, back, hips, calf, and feet.
a. Observe the difference.
b.  Observe how is feeling the tension on your forehead. Become conscious about all the sensations from the forehead and from all your body.  

At the end of this exercise Tense all the body and then Relax it. Be aware of how you are feeling in both states.


  II. Crystal Healing Jewellery

Release Stress & Restlessness


release stress, relaxation, self-discovery, healing

Description:  Release Stress and  Restlessness  Talisman

was created using  Raw  Blue lace agate. It  is a wonderful

Healing stone which helps to Release Stress and Restlessness.

Its soft energy is Cooling and Calming, bringing Peace of

Mind. This is one of the great nurturing and supportive

stones. It may neutralize Anger, too.

Sodalite helps us to better understand the life we are living.

Also,  how we came to be in the situation in which we find

ourselves in this moment.

Understanding is a step to Accepting and finding the Inner peace.  All these qualities are amplified by

the Clear Quartz.

Sterling  Silver
is making the connection between all the elements of the Talisman and acts as a

“mirror to the soul”, allowing one to see deep within without judgment.  Also, it will remove and

release negativity from a body. (Dimensions 6.3 cm X 3.3 cm)